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The Skills and Experience to Serve

  • NO Conflicts of Interest.   Unlike my opponent, I'm semi-retired and don't own or work for any company that might have business with the district.  Neither does my family.

  • Engineer.  With a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Rice University and 12 years of experience working for engineering and construction firms, I know how to read design drawings and make sure we have good drainage on new projects.

  • Performance Improvement Specialist.  For 15 years I consulted with the world's largest organizations, showing them how to save money while delivering higher quality service.  Clients like Exxon, Boeing, Chrysler, Xerox, Nationwide, and the County of Los Angeles.

  • Sourcing Consultant.  I also analyzed sourcing contracts for these firms, delivering millions of dollars in annual savings and service improvement.  I know how to improve a contract, and I can do that for our district.

  • Board Experience.  Current Director of the Southwyck Section IV Homeowners' Association.

  • Project Manager.  I've been managing projects for my entire career, from those with a handful of people to thousands.  I can ask the hard questions required to keep us on track.

  • People Manager.  With 25 years of experience managing people, I know how to bring individuals and groups together to work effectively and efficiently, and I have a deep understanding of Human Resource issues.

  • Growth Experience.  I've taken a startup company from a small local firm with a few employees up to a half billion dollar, publicly traded enterprise. 

  • Technology Expertise.  I am recognized worldwide for my work on strategic sourcing of cloud computing services and have authored and published an industry-leading book on the subject.

  • Long-time Pearland Resident.  I've been a Pearland resident for 22 years and raised two kids here.

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