The Skills and Experience to Serve

  • Engineer.  With a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Rice University and 12 years of experience working for engineering and construction firms, I can understand the technical aspects of our drainage projects.  I know how to read design drawings and what to watch out for to make sure we have adequate drainage on new projects.

  • Performance Improvement Specialist.  For 15 years I consulted with the world's largest organizations, collecting data, analyzing financials and providing actionable recommendations for improvement.  All my clients were very happy, including names like Exxon, Boeing, Chrysler, Xerox, Nationwide, and the County of Los Angeles.

  • Sourcing Consultant.  During that same 15 years I also analyzed sourcing relationships and contracts for these firms, delivering millions of dollars in annual savings and service improvement.  I know what to look for to improve a contract, and I can do that for our district.

  • Project Manager.  I've been managing projects for my entire career, from those with a handful of people to thousands.  I can ask the hard questions that the work requires.

  • People Manager.  With 25 years of experience managing people, I know how to bring individuals and groups together to achieve consensus and work effectively and efficiently as a team, and I have a deep understanding of Human Resource issues, including hiring, firing, promotion, discipline and compensation.

  • Growth Experience.  I've taken a startup company from a small local firm with a few employees up to a half billion dollar, publicly traded enterprise.  Pearland has recently gone through explosive growth, and managing growth is one of the most challenging things our government does.

  • Technology Expertise.  I am recognized worldwide for my work on strategic sourcing of cloud computing services and have authored and published an industry-leading book on the subject.

  • Long-time Pearland Resident.  I've been a Pearland resident for over 20 years and raised two kids here.  I know the area well, and I'm learning more every day.


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