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Southwyck Section IV HOA

Yes, I'm also running for the Southwyck 4 Homeowner's Association!  Not something I had planned to do, but our HOA is in desperate need of new leadership.  Here's why:

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Reinstate the Silverlake Cross-Usage Agreement

We used to be able to use the Silverlake Pool and Tennis Courts, and our residents want that back!  It should never have been allowed to lapse in the first place.

We are Paying for BOTH Sides of a Lawsuit - That's Insane

Section IV is currently suing the master association to get data they've already been given.  Your maintenance fees are divided between the section and the master, so we are effectively suing ourselves!  It's a needless waste of money.  We should be able to settle issues together like adults.

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Keep Maintenance Fees Down

Our maintenance fees have stayed the same for the 22 years I've been here... until beginning to creep upward recently.  Let's put a stop to that.

Increase Neighborhood Participation

We should have more neighborhood events, like food trucks in the park once a week, and we need more residents to participate in our meetings.

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