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Key Issues

Let's Focus on What Matters Most - Service

Improve drainage while keeping taxes low

Work in concert with surrounding districts

Rely only on the best data

Be responsive and open to the community

Drainage Districts cannot operate effectively in a vacuum.  I'll be spending time working with surrounding drainage districts, MUD boards, cities and counties to make sure we have proactive solutions that work for the entire region rather than just putting band-aids on problems that come to us from upstream districts or sending our own problems to downstream districts. 

Storms are getting worse, and we have to be ready.  What was once a 100-year event may now happen every 10 years or even more frequently.  If drainage systems built years ago will no longer meet our needs, we should plan for that in advance rather than waiting for disaster to strike.  I'll work to make sure that we're using the latest precipitation forecasts and floodplain maps available. 

Take care of our people

Brazoria Drainage District 4 employs over 70 people, and these employees deserve fair pay and benefits in return for their hard work and dedicated, responsive service.

I'm not in this for a political career, and I'm not the kind of person that seeks spotlights.  I'm in it to serve my community.  Any resident, no matter where they live in the district or what their politics are, will receive a thoughtful and serious response when they contact Drainage District 4.

No one likes property taxes, and that includes me.  The District must strike a balance between keeping our drainage systems in good working order, developing additional capacity to reduce the impact of future storms and keeping taxes as low as possible.  In a community with rising property values, I believe we can do all three.

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